Oregon Knife Collectors Association


The Oregon Knife Show Grinding Contest

Bob Engnath

Bob Engnath at the 1998 OKCA Show

Audra Draper
Audra Draper - Riverton WY

Ray Coon
 Ray Coon - Gresham OR


Ed Schempp
Ed Schempp -Ephrata WA

John Mallet

Larry Criteser coordinates the grinding contest at the Oregon Knife Show. 


Larry Criteser
The grinding force that makes
this event sharpen up.


This event is open to table holders only. It has proved to be one fun happening. The grinding takes place on Saturday morning April 18, 2009. A real crowd pleaser. Come watch the skilled makers compete for the best grind.


Gene Martin (2002)
Gene Martin

Tedd Harris (2002)
Tedd Harris

The grinding competition is no more. It was a great event while it lasted.

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