Rope Cutting Contest


Guidelines and Rules for the Cutting Competition

This event will be held Sunday April 13, 2003 at 12:15.

Open to all table-holders. One knife per entry. No sharpening permitted after competition starts. No stropping, stoning or in any way will you be able to touch up the cutting edge.

Blade size can be a maximum of 10 inches in length, and a maximum of 2" in width. Overall length shall not exceed 15-1/2". The blade will be measured from the guard or handle centerline to the tip of the blade. Maximum handle length 5-1/2". A real handle is required. No tape, rubber hose etc. will be allowed. Nothing fancy here necessary, could be cheap ugly wood; but it must be securely affixed, and preferably have at least one pin through the tang. A secure thong hole through the handle will be required, with a wrist thong, of at least parachute cord. No leather thongs. Include a spring toggle, or other thong keeper, to keep it attached to your wrist.

Forged, stock removal, or factory blades can be tested. Come one, come all. A trophy/plaque will be awarded to the winner.

The contest will have two parts:

1) The paper cut. (Ouch! I hate those) A strip of college rules notebook paper two spaces wide X 4" long will be suspended by a paper clip, hanging from two strings to stabilize it. The paper must be cut cleanly without pulling it out of the paperclip. If torn, it doesn't count. Three tries will be allowed. Those who succeed will go on to the rope cut.

2) Free hanging rope. The cutting will start with three ropes. Each contestant gets one try; complete cuts only will count. The rope will be secured with duct tape every 8". Any cuts above the second tape from the end will be cause for elimination. The person cutting the most ropes wins the competition.

Sign up will be at the Show and is required. There will be a $10.00 fee to help cover the cost of the rope. The judges decisions will be final.

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